IT Industry: Ultimate proven checklists for newbies

Every year, almost one million engineering students graduate in India. There are numerous private and government colleges, as well as IITs, from which the majority of them have graduated. As you may expect, not everyone is fortunate enough to find work after graduation. So, if you’re an engineering student or looking for a career in the IT Industry, you must always stay one step ahead of your competition. My role now is to assist you in getting a head start. In this essay, I’ll walk you through the technologies that you can learn right away via YouTube, Udemy, or other amazing learning sites.

Let me begin with the fundamental skills required in the IT industry:

Web Development

The first and most important step in starting an online business is to create a website. While website designers and creatives are in charge of making it appear nice on the front end, back-end developers are in charge of making sure everything works properly behind the scenes. So understanding fundamentals like HTML5, CSS, PHP, or cutting-edge technologies like React and Node.js will set you apart from the crowd. If you’re interested in learning more about React JS, I recommend watching this video by one of my favorite teachers.

User Experience Design

The developer’s major focus in this line will be to improve the UI’s appearance. As result, you may require both artistic and technical talents.

If you wanna delve deep feel free to visit the below link:

Mobile Development

Every business requires a functional mobile application to be relevant in today’s environment. As a result, mobile app developers are becoming highly sought after. As a result, you can begin learning mobile app development for Android and/or iOS right away.

To begin, you can study from the following courses in the Android Development course:


A network is a group of computers or devices that are all linked together. The internet is the first thing that springs to mind, but there is a great deal more to learn.

Product Management

This may be worthwhile to learn if you are adept at managing stakeholders and meeting deadlines.

This might be a nice place to start for you:

Digital Marketing

Assume you have a web-based business. Now, regardless of how amazing your products are, if your website does not receive enough traffic, you will eventually go out of business. That’s why we need Digital Marketers, whose primary responsibility is to drive traffic to your website by creating campaigns that target users and consumers across several platforms.

Here’s a suggestion if you want to go deeper:

Data Analytics

This could be for you if you’re skilled with statistics and enjoy extracting trends and insights from an old spreadsheet. You can also work as a Data Engineer in the future.

If you have some spare time, watch this video:

Note if you can acquire these skills you can get into some of the well-known MNCs of the IT Industry. 

In order to land a job in Top Startups of California or in India, you have to learn these advanced skills. These will help you to get into IT Industry as well as other industries that require tech skills. 

The Difference makers of the IT Industry


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected, internet-connected objects that can gather and transmit data without the need for human interaction across a wireless network.

The Internet of Things refers to the process of linking all of the world’s objects to the internet. IoT applications include smart homes, wearables, Amazon Echo, and Alexa. If you want to understand more about IoT, click on the following link:

Cloud Technology

As an expert in this field, I can tell you that this is one of the best. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are just a few examples of cloud vendors. It’s normal now that you don’t have to learn everything. Take small steps with any cloud provider’s principles. If you have any spare cash, invest it in some basic qualifications that will benefit you in the long run.

You can study for the AWS CCP exam if you want to learn the fundamentals of AWS. While studying for the exam, I came upon the following course:

Nowadays in IT Industry, it’s in high demand. 


Blockchain is a decentralized, secure digital ledger that stores all transactions conducted with a decentralized digital currency,’ according to Wikipedia. The term blockchain also refers to how information is kept in ”blocks” and subsequently connected together in a permanent “chain.”

“Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet and you have a basic understanding of the blockchain.”

Every cryptocurrency holder has an identical copy of the blockchain record, which is frequently updated with all new cryptocurrency transactions (Digital currency of Blockchain). Bitcoin and Ethereum are two popular cryptocurrencies. Also, I have written a full article explaining the trending crypto Dogecoin,  

If you’re interested in learning more about blockchain, I recommend the following resources:

Code Repository

Consider this to be a version control system. Assume you’re developing software with a team of more than five devs. You may require a central location where everyone may store the same code. Aside from that, imagine if one developer introduced a bug that caused the entire system to crash. To get a job in the IT industry, this is a must-learn skill. A VCS (Version Controlling System) can help with this. When coders finish a section of their code, they commit it, and if something goes wrong, you can easily revert to the prior version. GitHub is a popular Git repository hosting service, but it has a lot of capabilities of its own. If you wanna learn more about this go through the below link:

Github basics


DevOps (short for “development” + “operations”) is a set of strategies and tools aimed at improving an organization’s capacity to provide applications and services more quickly than traditional software development procedures. Their primary responsibility will be to define a CI/CD pipeline, automate it, and so forth. It is a widely used skill in IT Industry. 

it industry DevOps
DevOps Definition

If you want to understand DevOps, start simply by learning Linux, GitHub, and other build tools such as Ant, Maven, and so on, and then go deeper.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an acronym for robotic process automation. It’s similar to creating, managing, and managing software robots that mimic human movements so that humans can concentrate on more difficult tasks. If you were unaware, according to NASSCOM, million individuals could lose their jobs. NASSCOM, on the other hand, has publicly denied the report. 
The following is link to the article:

Moneycontrol IT Industry BPS report

So, whatever the case may be, it’s fantastic technology, to begin with. If you want to learn UiPath, go on the following link:

RPA-UIPath tutorial

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